uKit – is a website builder, which is used to launch and manage small business websites and other types of projects for personal and commercial use. The system has gained worldwide popularity due to its amazing simplicity that does not compromise with quality and professional web design approach. This is an indispensible solution for newbies and web design pros willing to establish professional web presence for their businesses. This website builder will work great for all the representatives of small and medium businesses, who lack web design experience and don’t wish to pay enormous sums of money to web studios.


You don’t have to master programming basics to work with uKit – the system is simple and flexible and it completes around 70% of work on its own. There are no layout design, style charts, Photoshop and other daily issues most web developers encounter here. Frequent updates make the service more convenient and functional.

Based on one of the best samples of visual editors, ukit builder provides a user with an opportunity to design an appealing website from scratch without any preparation stages in 1-2 hours only. This is the major benefit of the website builder: any person can avail decent result when working with it. This can be compared to the work of a professional web designer.

All uKit templates work great for landing pages: they are wide-screen, divided into blocks and visually-appealing. There is an opportunity to activate the anchor menu here (menu links will refer to the selected web page blocks). What’s more, it is possible to fix the menu position to make it static, when scrolling the page. Obviously, the “Up” button is available here as well just like the timer widget a one-page website is unthinkable without. Timer set up doesn’t take much effort and time as well.

Scheduled news publication is another interesting option. You can prepare the news, schedule the publications and go on a vacation, for example. The materials will be automatically added to the website according to the schedule, while you are away. Blog owners will certainly see the true value of this feature.

It is also possible to duplicate widgets and blocks in uKit. This will help speed up the process of filling similar web pages. All the content is preserved, when copying the pages. Then you’ll just have to replace the photos, text etc. with those you need and get a block/widget of the same format, which comes with another content.

You can also set up the design and positions of elements within any block (spaces between the containers and screen dimensions, the background), add an overlay based on one of four colours that harmoniously match with the general color scheme of a template. You can notably boost the readability of the text against the background by using an overlay. Such customization allows diversifying content presentation and adding contrast between the chosen blocks within one or several pages.