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Choosing the best website builder: Tips and tricks


The website builders remain to be the most fitting solution for creating the site of almost any difficulty. However, there are lots of website makers with dozens of various functions available online. Which one is the best website builder? Making the final choice is often challenging for beginner users. In this article, you will find tons of useful information about choosing the easiest website builder, the website builder reviews, along with some basics for picking up the right solution for your needs. 


Why do you need a website? 


The most important thing you will need to consider before looking for any website creation services is your purposes of crafting a website. Why do you need a site? Which type of website would you like to create? Do you need extra functions, such as e-commerce plugins, contact forms, or membership tools? It is highly recommended to get the answers to these questions before investing your money in any website maker. 


Another aspect you should take into account is web hosting. If you are a complete beginner, it might be a good idea to purchase a plan with hosting included. However, if you don’t mind studying a little bit of coding, you can purchase the hosting separately from the web page builder. This way, you are likely to save some money since it is usually cheaper than the all-in-one solution. 


Website builders vs. hiring a web developer?


Why do most people choose using a website creator rather than hiring a developer? The truth is that the price for creating a simple site usually exceeds $2,000. Moreover, your own solution will definitely need to be supported and updated on a regular basis. These operations will be provided for an additional cost. Therefore, the price for creating and supporting the website with the developer’s assistance is really high and remains to be unaffordable for many beginners. 


However, modern website builders allow you to create an excellent site for reasonable money. The cost for creating your site with the help of the web builder will be 90% lower than compared to a similar solution, crafted by the coding professional. Most website builders have all the functions and options you need for creating a top-notch site with minimum efforts. Moreover, you will be able to upload images, video, add new content by yourself - as a rule, these actions are made in just a few clicks. You will not need to contact support or wait until your developer becomes available - using website builder software is really easy!


Who usually use website builders?


Website creators are developed for a wide range of purposes. Being incredibly flexible, they are likely to suit almost any need. In most cases, these services are used by people who have limited budgets for crafting a website and who would like to get a ready-to-use solution quickly. Here are just a few areas, which are widely using site creating solutions:


  • Small online shops and other businesses

  • Artists

  • Photographers

  • Wedding agencies

  • Garden designers

  • Bloggers

  • Startups

  • Writers

  • Musicians


Choosing the Best Website Builder — What to Look for?


There are lots of aspects that should be taken into account for choosing the best solution. The most necessary thing before making your final decision about the web creator is to know what features to look for. For these purposes, you need to know the type of your future site (blog, e-commerce,etc.) After that, it is recommended to pay attention to the most important things, like:


The number of templates. The template is the basis of any website. You will be able to edit and customize it for your needs, but the more fitting it is to your idea, the better. The simplest way to create a site is to pick up the template that is as close as possible to your requirements. This way, you will spend a little time customizing it. 


Picking up a top-notch template is definitely a great start. That is why most professionals recommend choosing a website builders company that offers a large number of pre-designed templates.


The responsive design. Being responsive and flexible is a must-have feature for any modern website. It is extremely necessary to make sure the platform to build a website offers responsive design. In this case, your site will look perfect on both desktop and mobile gadgets. 


Ease to use. Choosing a simple and understandable website creator is vital for your productivity. In case you choose a too complicated solution, you might spend lots of time customizing it but still fail to get what you want. Therefore, it is important to pick up an option, which is designed for complete beginners. As a rule, most drag-and-drop builders are really user-friendly and easy. 


Speed. The loading speed is one of the vital indicators for any site. First, making your visitor waiting too long is really frustrating. Second, the low downloading speed is bad for SEO scores. To avoid these issues, make sure that the expected loading speed of your solution will be high or average. How can you do this? Just find some statistics about the performance of sites, created by the chosen creator. 


Uptime. Uptime is a special measure, which indicated how often your site is visible to the visitors. This indicator is connected with the server which is responsible for showing your website. Generally, the uptime should be around 99% (100% in hardly possible since any server needs to be updated from time to time) The higher it is, the better.


Support. In case you are completely new to the area, you might require certain support for using your website creation service. Double-check, whether your site builder has customer support. The standard time of the response to users inquiries also matters. It might vary from just a few hours to several business days. Moreover, it will be great for a chosen website creator to have 24/7 phone support. This way, reaching the support managers is likely to be easier.


SEO tools. In case you have never worked with SEO instruments before, it is better to choose solutions with in-built SEO tools. This will save you plenty of time for learning the basics of writing proper titles, tags, and descriptions.


Pricing. The top website builders in the UK offer completely different pricing. The cost for each plan depends on the number of features and advanced options it includes. The more expensive the plan is, the larger the number of functions you will have. However, don’t hurry up to purchase the most expensive plan - it is likely to contain options that you are not likely to use. 


The best advice here is to take a look around. To begin with, choose the number of functions and utilities you will definitely need for your solution. Then search for a plan that will include these options. However, even in case you have minimum requirements for your plan, it is not recommended to pick up a free plan for some reasons:


  • Free plans might offer low-quality services 

  • Free solutions usually have hidden payments


As a rule, free options are really tricky. You might have a free sign-up and access to the builder, but get ready to pay:

  • Choosing a domain name

  • Website hosting

  • Using more than 5 pages

  • Getting more free space for your site


Therefore, consider choosing the pricing wisely. You can also look for similar plans on the competitors' websites to study the costs for similar plans. 


Additional handy tips for finding the best website builder


Generally, choosing a simple website builder is usually risk-free. However, there are still some important things you need to be looking into before purchasing any solution:


  • Free trial. Most site creators offer a free trial period to give you an opportunity to get the experience of using their service before buying a certain plan. This will help you to understand, whether the solution is likely to meet your requirements. 

  • Pricing. Pricing plans of most providers seem to be too complicated. Therefore, it will be really great to look for real customer reviews for different plans, as well as to know more about the extra payments you will need to make.

  • Domain. Even in case you purchase a domain name with the help of the third-party utilities, you will still need to have an opportunity to connect your domain with the chosen builder. 

  • Features. Each provider, as well as each pricing plan, has different features. Make sure all the options you require are included in a chosen plan. For example, in case you are going to craft an online store, you will need a shopping cart feature.  


Consumer Reviews and Complaints


When it comes to looking for the best service for creating a site, it is surely better to search for the reviews for a particular service. However, we’ve collected a few reviews that might be helpful for choosing the best provider in general.


Olivia Michaels, fashion blogger:


Creating a site with the help of the builder was incredibly quick and easy! My small blog was fully customized and completely ready for publishing in less than 2 hours. In case you need a fast and simple program to get your site done within the shortest terms, that’s it. 


Jennifer Austin, photographer:


When looking for a website builder, I decided to get a free plan for one of the most well-known services. However, this made me completely disappointed with the service provided - I paid for about $60 for additional obligatory features. These included domain name and customized email. The payments were not reflected in the pricing plan! For those looking for an excellent web building app: it is surely better to choose an all-in-one plan with all the basic functions included.  


Mike Brown, writer:


I didn’t spend too much time comparing the builders. One of my friends recommended a popular service, so I decided to purchase the most popular plan from this provider. However, it was absolutely inconvenient and lack the features I required. After that, I’ve made a detailed research on the site creators and pick up the fitting solution. Don’t follow someone’s advice - choose an option to suit your needs not to waste your money. 


John Richards, online shop owner:


Creating my first online store was really easy with the help of the website builder. Although I need to customize my template a lot, as well as add various plugins, it is surely worthy. It looks brilliant! Moreover, my e-commerce site is already live and is bringing me new customers. 


Mark Flinn, user:


I’ve purchased one of the most common plans for creating business sites at one of the most top-rated services. I was really amazed by how simple it is! With the help of the drag-and-drop function, I picked up the elements I required and just added them to my website. No coding needed! 


Best web creators in the UK  in 2020




Ukit is one of the most innovative and top-notch builders that is highly rated by most users. The program is intuitively understandable, so you are not likely to face any issues when using it. The application allows you to create your own unique site from scratch and make it feature-rich and attractive to visitors. 




  • Easy-to-use. The app was designed for newbies in web development, so you will not need to write any code or install any third-party solutions to create a perfect website. Ukit is as easy as 1-2-3 and will be definitely enjoyed by people with no coding experience. 

  • Lots of templates. The program can boast of having 350+ colorful and modern templates that can suit any niche. With a large base of templates, you will be able to choose a perfect option and customize your web resource in minutes. 

  • Mobile-friendly. All templates, offered by the service, are responsive and flexible. That is why your site will look perfectly on smartphones and tablets. 

  • Promotion. To get online easily, you will need to promote your resources. With the help of the built-in promotion utilities, you will be able to start attracting new customers with no extra efforts. 

  • Domain. Feel free to buy a domain name or link your existing one to the popular builder. The entire process is made in just a few clicks.

  • Wizard. With the help of an online wizard, you will be able to create a  professional website step by step. 

  • Widgets. The program allows adding dozens of different widgets to your web resource. These include integration with different social media, Mailchimp, LiveChat, SoundCloud, Slideshare and lots of others. 




  • A personalized email is available for an extra cost




Ukit offers pricing plans starting from only $4  per month. The most expensive package with all the features included (Pro) is $12 per month. The cost is relatively low, compared to its competitors. The whole pricing plan seems affordable. Moreover, this quick website builder provides a 14-days free trial period. 


2. Wix


With over 110 million users, Wix remains to be one of the best website builders globally. The application is easy-to-use, has tons of various functions and is able to help you with crafting a website of any difficulty. 




  • Great design with everything needed available right at your hands

  • Hundreds of high-quality templates

  • Special extra features for bloggers, e-commerce websites, advanced gallery

  • Ability to use scroll effects 

  • Personal store with lots of widgets and utilities

  • Unlimited number of fonts

  • Personalized SEO plans to boost your Google performance

  • Personalized email available

  • Mobile friendly and flexible

  • Ability to connect social  accounts to your site 




Wix is an excellent solution, but not for sites with a large number of pages. The navigation is not really deep and requires to be improved. 


Pricing: Wix has an advanced pricing policy. The cheapest package will cost you only $4.50 per month but your website will display Wix ads. The best plans start from $8.50, where the most pricey business package is $35. The premium package has everything required for fast and easy site-building. 

3. Weebly. 


Weebly is another leading website builder with a whopping number of users in different countries. The program is known for its rich design, colorful templates, eye-catching media galleries and much more. The app is convenient and completely understandable.



  • Top-notch design 

  • Responsive themes that will be perfectly displayed on any mobile device

  • App market with dozens of extra tools

  • Ability to create sites with over 150 pages with no efforts

  • Audio and video players available

  • E-commerce tools embedded




The number of plugins and additional tools at the app market is not as large as on the Wix platform. Weebly is also not the best choice for creating multilingual sites. It is a hosted platform, so you will not need to take care of your hosting settings. However, you will not be able to hire a developer for adding any additional functionality to your web resource. 


Furthermore, Weebly charges 3% of the transaction fee for every purchase made through your web resource. To get rid of the function, you will need to upgrade your plan to a more expensive one.




The most affordable plan is $8 charged annually. The Business plan is $25. 


4. Shopify


Shopify is a web building software that was designed for creating online stores and e-commerce websites. Currently, over 500,000 businesses use the service. Since the platform is focused on crafting e-commerce solutions, it has all the functions for easy selling goods and services.  A shopping cart, sign up, and other must-have features are all available. The program is comprehensive, so most users don’t have any difficulties with using the platform.



  • Perfect for e-commerce solutions

  • Fully hosted service - no worries about backup, settings, and updates

  • Ability to add an unlimited number of products

  • Advanced statistics 

  • Drag and drop interface 

  • Dozens of colorful templates for any taste

  • Special features to sell the products at your location (POS)

  • Different payments methods, including a specially developed Shopify Payments 




In case you would like to move your website from to Shopify from another service, you might find it a little bit difficult. Another disadvantage of the popular platform is that it is more expensive than its analogs.




The basic plan at Shopify will cost you $29 per month. The most feature-rich plan will cost a whopping $299 per month that might not be affordable for all users. However, the service also offers to purchase the Lite plan for only $9 that will allow you to add a Buy button on your website in a couple of clicks. 


5. Squarespace


Squarespace is one of the most popular builders with tons of functions and options for creating a customizable website. The program is fully hosted, so you will not need to pay attention to backup or other hosting-related issues. The platform will take care of this. 



  • A large database of templates with different styles and colors

  • E-commerce functions

  • Fully-hosted service

  • Advanced blogging features

  • Responsive design that will perfectly look on mobile devices

  • Lots of handy tools for any type of website

  • Easy customization with an ability to add as many products as you need




  • No SEO utilities to improve your Google scores

  • Lack of usability - beginners might find the platform a bit confusing

  • Limited navigation with only one level 

  • A limited number of payment systems that can be added to your website (only PayPal, Stripe, and Apple Pay)




Personal websites and blogs will cost you $12-$18  per month. As for the online stores, the price varies from  $26 to $40 per month. Generally, the pricing plans are higher than similar competitor’s packages. 


6. Bigcommerce


Bigcommerce is one of the best builders available on the market. The application is fully hosted, so the entire technical part of supporting your site will be done by professionals. The program has an in-built drag-and-drop functionality, so you can easily add the required elements to your solution. Furthermore, the program uses an innovative feature that allows your site to stay stable regardless of the amount of traffic. 




  • Extra safety measures

  • Lots of handy templates for building the site of any category

  • No extra transaction fee for e-commerce web resources

  • The largest number of payment system to integrate with your site: Stripe, Apple Pay, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Square, Chase Pay, Visa Checkout, Ayden, and other

  • Advanced tools for handling conversion rates

  • Easy dashboard with detailed stats

  • Extra functions for online stores: coupons, product reviews, and much more




Being a proprietary service Bigcommerce makes the website migration really complicated. Moreover, the prices for the service are above average. 




The simplest plan is available for $29.95 and will provide you with everything needed for easy development. The most feature-rich plan costs $249.95.The program offers a 14-days free trial period for all the plans.


7. Zenfolio


Zenfolio is not a classical web builder. The program focused on creating sites for photographers with incredible media galleries and videos. The application is easy and absolutely understandable, with lots of extra features for modern photographers.



  • One of the best solutions for crafting photographer’s sites

  • Advanced functions for working with media files

  • Unforgettable galleries

  • Special features for school and sports photography

  • Unique pre-booking options

  • Secure password protection of website pages




  • Lack of e-commerce tools

  • Suitable only for photographers or creating simple websites with galleries




The costs of using the service are not high. The cheapest plan is offered for only $5 per month, while the Pro and Advanced plans can be purchased for $20 and $30 accordingly. You can save extra money in case you buy an annual subscription.


8. Duda


Duda is a famous builder with extended functionality. The program will perfectly suit bloggers, agencies, digital publishers, and even hosting companies. The app offers a 30-days free trial period, so each customer will have an opportunity to try Duda before purchasing any plan.




  • User-friendly design

  • Different templates

  • Easy signup process

  • Ability to create multilingual websites

  • Unique personalization tool that allows showing different content to different categories of users

  • Email support for all plans




Pricing is the most significant disadvantage of Duda builder. Compared to its competitors, Duda is considerably more expensive.




The Basic package will cost you $14 per month, while the most pricey plan, Agency is available for $55 per month billed annually. 


Moreover, the program has no special web store with interactive tools and features. 


9. Sitebuilder


Sitebuilder is one of the newest website builders available on the market. However, it has already gained amazing popularity among both new and experienced site developers. The program has a friendly and pleasant interface with all the menus and functions located in a convenient way. Therefore, you will be able to easily find all the needed functions for your site. 




  • Numerous templates with professional design

  • E-commerce functions for any need

  • SEO tools for better SEO rankings

  • Reasonable pricing

  • Drag-and-drop functionality

  • Customizable email address

  • Ability to purchase a domain

  • Advanced analytics for website tracking




  • No access to HTML and CSS codes, as well as no option for adding your own code

  • Simple SEO tools are limited only to creating redirects and HTML tags

  • No SSL certificate




The simplest plan at Sitebuilder can be purchased for less than $4. The more popular plans will cost you $6 and $9 per month billed annually.  


10. Jimdo


Jimdo is a unique website builder that is considered to be the fastest software for creating websites. According to the website data, you are able to craft your own web-resource in only  3 minutes. With the special Dolphin mode, your website can be automatically filled with data collected from a simple questionnaire you will be proposed to fill out. 


The builder is known for its customer-oriented design which is one of the simplest and the most convenient on the Internet. The builder will perfectly suit newbie developers, who have absolutely no experience in creating websites. 



  • Excellent templates for any taste and need

  • Online store with hundreds of different tools and plugins for superb customization

  • The mobile application that enables users to make minor changes and check  statistics with the help of their smartphones (both Android and iOS devices)

  • The responsive design of templates for the perfect performance of your website on portable devices

  • Free trial period



  • The builder might have more utilities available at its online app store (Wix and Weebly have more extra tools)

  • The templates should be more flexible 




The prices for the services are average. Thus, the costs vary from $9 to $49 per month. The price depends on the number of tools and options included in a certain package. 


Choosing the best builder for your industry

Different projects require using different tools, available in various builders. Below we’ve chosen the best website builders suitable for different areas and purposes. 


The best website builder for small business


In case you are planning to create a small site with less than 30 pages, Wix builder might become the best solution to meet all your requirements. The program has one of the highest numbers of unique templates that can be easily customized for various purposes.


If you are launching a small online business but require crafting a website with over 30 pages, consider choosing Weebly since it is the best alternative for heavy sites. 


However, if you are looking for a professional website with an ability to add HTML and CSS codes, as well as use an amazing number of plugins, Wordpress is the right thing for you.

The best blogging system 


There is nothing new that most builders offer lots of blogging functions for their users. Some are excellent, while others require being improved. But what is the best option for the blogging website?  Wordpress is the most common solution for creating a great blog with lots of extended functions.


If you need a simpler tool, it might be a good idea to pick up Weebly or Squarespace. These platforms are not so powerful but will still help you to create a perfect blog. 


The best e-commerce website builder 


In case you are launching the online store or any other e-commerce solution, it will be great to choose the website builder that is developed right for these purposes. Most experts recommend picking up Shopify that offers countless opportunities for creating an excellent website with all the functions required for selling goods and services online. The builder also offers lots of embedded payment options for making the purchases in an easy and convenient way. 


The best website builder for a  photographer

As for the platforms for creating websites for photographers, there is one solution that leaves all its competitors far behind. This is surely Zenfolio. The program was developed right for amateur and professional photographers. It has lots of unique functions and amazing galleries to add to your website. Sharing your portfolio has never been easier!

The best professional website builder 

Wix is one of the best applications for creating professional websites on the fly. One of the platform’s advantages is that it allows adding your own code to the customized site that helps to make it completely unique. Unlike most analogs, Wix provides you with access to the internal website files that can be updated with any HTML or CSS code. 

The best mobile website builder

In case you are looking for the best solution that will give you an opportunity to update your site with the help of your smartphone, it is better to choose a modern platform that has mobile applications. Jimdo is among the best services on the market that offers the desktop version, as well as mobile versions for iOS and Android operating systems. Not only you will be able to add new posts to your website but also have a glance at stats and analytics. 

The best drag and drop website builder is one of the best drag and drop builders you can find online. The app has a simple interface with all the menus to be easily placed directly to your website. With a whopping number of templates and utilities,  you can create your own website with minimum efforts in no time. 




Although we tried to cover most aspects regarding choosing the builder for your personal needs, some questions might still occur. Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. 




Sure! Modern website builders allow people with absolutely no coding experience to create stunning sites within the shortest terms. Most platforms use simple and understandable interface, while the drag-and-drop feature makes creating a website possible even for complete beginners in the development area. 

Moreover, there is no need to learn the basic things about buying and setting up the domain and hosting - most builders are allowed to it automatically. Therefore, you might not be a professional developer to create a website of your dream. With an outstanding number of various pro templates available, you can effortlessly craft your own web solution as if you were a pro coder. Most builders also offer lots of extended functions, such as personal email, blogging tools, as well as thousands of plugins to suit even the most demanding customers.  




The price for launching the website depends on the type of the site you are going to create. Moreover, additional functions, tools, and plugins also significantly influence the cost of your web resource.


Generally, a small business website will cost you $50-$10 dollars per month. The price includes domain name, hosting, and the number of basic features to create a simple website. 

As for more professional solutions, get ready to pay $20-$60 per month on average (all expenses for creating and launching the site included)  Online stores and websites with a high number of pages usually cost over $65 per month. However, the prices depend on the number of tools and extra options you get, as well as the builder you choose. 




Most website developing solutions offer templates that are flexible and mobile-friendly. Therefore, picking the right template will allow your website to look perfect on both desktop and mobile devices. 




Drag-and-drop editors are as easy as 1-2-3. The main principle of this tool is to allow you to take any menu and simply place it wherever you want right on your web page. You can place various types of content, including media galleries, text fields, drop-down menus, etc. Furthermore, you can add, edit or delete the elements on your website anytime with just a couple of clicks. 



In case you have no domain name yet, you can easily purchase it when buying a certain plan at your website builder. The process is usually smooth and performed automatically. If you already have a certain domain name, you can still use it to create a site with the help of the new builder. The transferring process might require some time but is usually not complicated. 



If you are completely new to the area of search engine optimization, it is recommended to choose a platform that offers extended SEO functions for beginners. In this case, you will get an opportunity to get professional assistance in improving your website score on Google. There are lots of services that offer extended tools for improving your SEO. 




There are hundreds of website builders you can find online. Some are professional builders that offer detailed site customization and adding personal code and scripts. The other programs are developed for complete beginners and allow creating a website without any professional experience.  


All in all, to pick up the best site builder, you need perfectly understand your needs and the type of the website you need to achieve your goals. This way, you will be able to choose the best number of functions and the builder to suit your needs.